Bonnie's Future Sisters

"Intoxicatingly poignant....absolutely engaging from moment to moment...If gender equality exists in the future of the entertainment industry, Bonnie's Future Sisters will be right there alongside Tracy Letts' August Osage County and Stephen Karam's The Humans. It certainly deserves to be." - Sydney Arndt, Theater is Easy

To be featured in the upcoming: Smith & Kraus' Anthology: 2016 The Best Women's Stage Monologues 

A hidden gem. I’ve been to a lot at the festival this year and this is one of the best shows I’ve seen. I went to “Bonnie’s Future Sisters” on a whim and was more than pleasantly surprised. Crisp, funny writing, strong, specific acting all the way around, polished technical elements — I just can’t say enough. A true breath of fresh air. This is a show that knows what it is, makes no apologies and capitalizes on its potential at nearly every turn. Breezy, fun, grounded, witty, wise, and just a really good time.

- BEN MORASKI  6.27.14

This play is a breath of fresh air! It’s witty, smart, funny, and thought-provoking. Covers a lot of ground in one hour. Great direction. Stellar performances all around. Storytelling at it’s finest. SEE IT!!!!

- JESSA FRENCH 6.23.14

Bonnie’s Future Sisters is the most deliciously self-aware brand of Awkward. The earnest and flawed characters served as a mirror for every member of the audience at their most socially ungraceful moments! The show is full of laughter and honesty, and the lead, Sascha Alexander, was utterly captivating to watch.

- NEEL UPADHYE 6.23.14

Wow, I really loved this! Very funny, smart, surprising, and fast-paced. Excellent writing and acting. The relationships felt real. A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an hour of your time and I highly recommend it!

- KAT MULDON 6.08.14

This play was really fun!! The thing is, it was also really thoughtful, really interesting AND all-around amusing as hell. Hurray for Meghan Gambling’s originality and smarts. And the cast is seriously perfect. Bravo!!!

- JULIA HOMMEL 6.08.14

This play is artfully crafted and phenomenally written by Writer/Director Meghan Gambling. Terrific performances all around by the cast of this heartwarming story.

Also, fantastic combination of emotionally stirring dialogue, and big laughs! Each cast member brings something unique to the table. Amazing chemistry between the 4 main characters! Highly recommended!


Walking into the theatre and hearing Beyonce belt what-her-mama-gave-her through the house speakers, I knew I was in for a GREAT time. Bonnie’s Future Sisters is a wonderful theatrical experience full of hilarity, heart, and an energy so engaging, I often found myself getting lost in the story, forgetting there were actually actors on stage. Meghan Gambling’s new breath-of-fresh-air play is masterfully written and directed, including a choreographed sequence that titillated this theatre-goer. The four actors (Sascha Alexander, Kristen Rozanski, Emily Jordan, Sarah Greyson) lend themselves to their well-developed roles, giving performances that individualize each characters needs and desires with artful subtlety. If you are looking for a theatre experience that will leave you with the notion that “THIS IS WHAT THEATRE SHOULD BE”, then go see BONNIE AND HER SISTERS!

- JASON WRIGHT 6.11.14

Reading a synopsis of “Bonnie’s Future Sisters” may turn some average dudes off (what with all the sisterhood & emotion & what-have-you). But as an average dude myself, I must say I had a fantastic time at this show! Sascha Alexander is a STAR, and the rest of the all-female ensemble played their roles pitch perfectly. Though I wasn’t completely in love with the script from a story perspective, I was absolutely in awe of Meagan Gambling’s hysterical and spot-the-f***-on dialogue. This group of talented ladies clearly have their finger on the cultural pulse, and, from this humble reviewer’s perspective, have the ability to create something truly groundbreaking. Go see it.

- AL RAHN 6.17.14

I enjoyed every aspect of this show, from the writing, to the directing, to the superbly subtle acting, to the dance break. I was on a roller coaster of unexpected turns and twists, but they all felt grounded in reality. It’s truly a testament to what happens when a talented writer like Meghan Gambling blends with a talented group of actors.


Just outstanding. So fresh, so funny—hilarious twists and turns; 4 characters with such deep and interesting histories.

- BEN POLK 6.17.14

I found Bonnie, and her sisters to be charming, quick-witted, and engaging to the very last moment. This keenly written story covers the diaspora of the ‘modern woman’, but does so without falling into stereotypes. The characters are written with humanity and love, and the ensemble cast brings them to life beautifully. I found myself rooting for each of the characters to unleash their neurosis on us, and each other. While there are no weak links in this production, Sascha Alexander absolutely shines in the title role. It’s smart, it’s a delight, go see it!

- BEN STANTON 6.19.14

Bonnie’s Future Sisters was extremely entertaining and packed a punch with smart writing. It made me laugh and tear up. Well done ladies. Must check it out before it wraps up!


Bonnie’s Future Sisters is fantastic play that I would highly recommend. It is smartly written, well directed, and perfectly cast. All the actors seem to fit so naturally into their characters and all deliver great performances. Do yourself a favor and see Meghan Gambling’s play for a great night out.

RYAN AUGHTRY - 6.20.14

Let’s start off with the fact that this play is just bloody funny. The writer has crafted 4 fully developed female characters, played perfectly by the cast, that push each other in comedic, touching, and frantic ways which make for a very entertaining story that never falls flat.


Dat hair. Dat ass. Dat acting. #bonnie

ELIZABETH HO - 6.26.14