Bonnie's Future Sisters

"Intoxicatingly poignant....absolutely engaging from moment to moment...If gender equality exists in the future of the entertainment industry, Bonnie's Future Sisters will be right there alongside Tracy Letts' August Osage County and Stephen Karam's The Humans. It certainly deserves to be." - Sydney Arndt, Theater is Easy

To be featured in the upcoming: Smith & Kraus' Anthology: 2016 The Best Women's Stage Monologues 

Bonnie, a human resources professional, has had overnight success with her motivational book “Keep Your Glasses On: A Girl’s Guide to Success in the Workplace.”

Her older sister Corey, a Stanford-educated lesbian who fled her hometown the moment she got into college, has been laboring over a memoir for nearly a decade.

When Bonnie invites Corey to her engagement party, Corey heads back home to try to rekindle her friendship with her younger sister—only to find that Bonnie is much more excited about her future sisters-to-be, Kayleigh and Larissa, than she ever was about Corey. Despite Bonnie’s best and meticulously planned efforts, her party threatens to be a total bust– especially when one of the sisters goes missing.